Security Concerns in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Security Concerns in Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have played a huge part in the facilitation of human lifestyle. WSNs are made up of a group of independent low cost, low power, and low memory nodes that also have a limited computational functionality and can communicate wirelessly utilizing low bandwidths over limited frequencies. Due to the sensing, data processing, and communication capabilities, WSNs offer an alternative to wired networks, especially in the inaccessible and unreliable environments such as war zones, etc. The sensors gather the data and transmit it to a remote server or base station. At the base station, the gathered data is subjected to analysis, online or offline, depending on the application type (Kumar and Lee, 2012). Due to the reliability, large scale deployment and mobility of a wireless sensor, WSNs have been used extensively in many applications related to home, office, military, logistics, control and automation, security and surveillance, environmental monitoring, tourism, education, healthcare, etc. (Al Ameen, Liu and Kwak, 2012). In simple large scale or industrial application, the security of the data transmitted between the nodes is not as essential as the sensor’s power. However, in certain applications such as military and healthcare, the data gathered by the sensors is mission-critical and very private. Figure 1 shows the usage of WSNs in military and healthcare applications (Razaque and Elleithy, 2014; Al Ameen, Liu, and Kwak, 2012). A breach of data in such applications can lead to grave consequences. Therefore, such WSN applications demand that the wirelessly transmitted data remain secure at all times

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