Second World War Impact

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Name: Instructor’s name:Course:9December 2016 Impacts of the Second World War on the Economy of Michigan The United States is a big country. While it boasts of a relatively fused national culture, it is quite rare to find a local experience that can embody the lives of all the US citizens. Therefore, when these moments surface, they are definitely worth the attention of any US citizen or any person interested in knowing more about the country. Michigan State is situated beside the Great Lakes. It served as one of the most important economic and industrial centers for America for nearly the whole of the twentieth century. The state literally drove the economy of America; the productions of Michigan were productions of America. This paper discusses some of the changes to the economy of Michigan following the entry of the US into the Second World War in 1941. During World War II (WWII) The modern American economy arguably starts with WWII; therefore, this is where the article will begin its analysis. The US was just coming out of the Great Depression when Pearl Harbor was bombed. When many states in the US were still struggling during this time, Michigan was leading the country’s economic rejuvenation. "The state had access to major shipping routes and" had some of the most successful industries in the nation (Lewis 837). Detroit, for instance, was the center for nearly all of the country's automobile companies. When the United States got into the Second World War, there was a need for the government to increase the country's military production rapidly. Following this need, the government saw a chance to restore the country’s economy. Therefore, the leaders

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