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Name: Instructor: School: Date: SCOTUS Case Introduction In issues concerning rulings over tribal related matters, it because easy to have controversial endings. These premises emanate from the considerations of the sensitivity of ethnic matters, which becomes most twisted when there is involvement of law. In the ruling concerning whether an Indian attacking a nontribal person who is of outside the tribe, there is a need to look at the prevailing circumstances as well as the possible outcomes of any given ruling so as to have a concise judgment on the validity of the ruling. In so doing, there is consideration of the general observations in law while at the same giving regard to the sensitivity of the ethnic matter. These premises form the basis of this paper, with citations from peer reviewed-articles. The case The case at hand is that of the power of the Indians in exercising judicial rulings to the non-Indian members who happen to be accused while they are in the Indian land. Such a scenario may appear like it is ordinary, by a superficial look. However, there is much sensitivity due to the considerations of the biasness that may arrive from the basis of tribal, ethnic alignment hence; creating space for unfair judgment. As much as there is acceptance of the supreme power of ethnic orientations, when it comes to law, there is much orientation to the practice of justice. If there is any obstruction to the delivery of justice, then it might be as well adequate to just not have a case or a ruling. These two contradicting elements of the case present the much controversy associated with the ruling. It is on the basis of these two premises that there have been

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