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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Global Warming Global warming is denoted by unfavorable climatic changes that have caused an increase in the average global temperature for the last few decades. These climatic changes can be attributed to the growing number of industrial, agricultural and human activities over the last few centuries. The principal cause of global warming is the increase of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere (McCaffrey, 7). Greenhouse gasses produce the greenhouse effect by permitting light of short wavelengths from the sun to pass through but transform the light into long wavelength. However, these radiations remain within the earth’s atmosphere since they cannot escape through the greenhouse gasses. Global warming has developed into a universal calamity that requires speedy attention to limit human activities that contribute to the greenhouse effect. The leading cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect which ensues when the sun’s heat and light are trapped within the earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses in the earth’s atmosphere trap energy and heat from the sun. It all starts when the sun rays reach the earth’s atmosphere; some is absorbed while the rest reaches the earth’s surface (Akbangia, 1). Light reaching the earth’s surface is radiated back into the atmosphere as heat. Solar radiations from the surface of the earth should move out of the earth's atmosphere, but greenhouse gasses trap this heat and thus raising the average earth’s surface temperatures. Research shows that carbon dioxide stands out as the most emitted greenhouse gas. The primary source of the carbon dioxide

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