Science Careers: Gender Socialization & Ineffectual Encouragement

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Science Careers: Gender Socialization & Ineffectual Encouragement Name Institution Science Careers: Gender Socialization & Ineffectual Encouragement The notion that men are superior to women and that they can accomplish more compared to them has penetrated its way into being a dominant norm within our societies. Women have been made to feel inferior within the working sector. The culture of prioritizing men to take challenging fields like mathematics and science affiliated fields has brought about social inequality regarding gender. The social imagination upholding the gender inequality against women has led to the creation of a counterculture that aims at empowering women. This paper will highlight how a bright minded lady by the name Anna-Mary Schmid is making strides to empower women. It will discuss on how she applies the different sociology concepts and theories to encourage women to take a lead role in the science field. Schmid has successfully employed the feminist theory to shine a light on the social inequalities that exist when it comes to women in science-related fields. She writes on how there was only one female professor in her department when she was pursuing her doctorate biochemistry. Her empowerment came through social exchange. Having seen her mother passionately pursuing a career as a political writer in a male-dominated field, she felt more energized to pursue her interest in biochemistry (Crossman, 2017). Applying the looking glass-self, Schmid explains how women have the capability and wiring to tackle scientific research; women have a healthy dose of skepticism that is critical in carrying out research work (Dimoff, 2018). To

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