School shooting

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School Shooting Student's Name Institution Affiliation School Shooting A school shooting refers to any violent activity that happens in educational premises. It may involve guns, bombs, firearms and other explosives equipment. It has led to a discussion on how to control weapons and ways of implementing new policies. School shooting may occur because of schooling bullying, injustice collectors, the psychological problems, and notoriety. The following are some of the factors affecting school shooting. Bullying is one of the factors that contribute school shooters and it is typical of many schools. The bullied students tend to develop psychological torture, depression, and poor performance. Once the victim is humiliated, he manages to overtake the behavior by creating groups. These groups may differ in their opinion thus leading to violence. For instance, the school bullying that happened when Jared Padgett killed a 14year old in a school Gym, then killed himself at Reynolds high school at Troutdale Oregon. Most of the student takes their culture of honor by protecting their reputation in their social life. The males end up been more bravely, disrespectful and intolerant whereas the women want a reputation for their purity, pride, and loyalty. Both of them will defend their reputations. An honor culture towards the male gender that makes men feel superior despite his failure should be challenged to avoid vigor response. Social Work and Human Services have tremendously increased the number of shooting recently. Their focus institutions were there are students. Either injuries or other dead have affected many students. Additionally, there were seventeen shootings

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