School Lunch Programs

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Submission Date School Lunch Programs National Lunch Program (NSLP) was formed under National School Lunch Act (NSLA) in 1946 with the aim of promoting good health among school-going children and encouraging the domestic consumption of the available products. One of their primary goals was to increase demands for agricultural conditions. The program provided free and reduced-price lunches for those students who came from families that live below poverty line. It also focused on potentially improving nutrition by serving lower fat menu items. Furthermore, NSLP pressurized school meal providers to meet the set nutrition standards as a way of promoting the health of students. It was passed that meals must provide one-third of daily energy, proteins, calcium, irons, and vitamins (Ralston et al. 27). This article is beneficial to the reader because it offers vast knowledge about nutrition assistance program and how they impact positively on the health status of school-going children. The article also makes the reader understand what standard meals school children need. It also gives the reader the knowledge of the best meal to give to the children. Standard meals contribute to the well-being of the students, and a healthy student is more active in school and other fields than an unhealthy one. Unfortunately, the article does not provide a suitable solution to the issue of obesity which is affecting very many school-going children in the United States. This information is crucial for learning institutions in the US regarding the provision of standard and nutritious foods to children. It will help reducing the obesity rate

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