School-Family Partnership

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The discussion on whether family involvement is crucial towards improving students’ academic achievement has had diverse opinions. This paper explains the importance of school-family partnership in promoting academic excellence. Despite their willingness to cooperate, many are the time parents and family members have filed complaints on the bureaucratic and unfriendly nature of schools in matters that require family involvement. This paper tends to explore whether schools have set a conducive platform where school stakeholders and family members can interact and define the best approaches to bridge the existing academic gaps. Family members also have a role to play in ensuring that they cooperate with schools with the aim of satisfying student's social and academic needs while outside the school compound. The end results show that family involvement is pivotal in supporting learning where parties assume a shared responsibility of motivating learners. Various hitches may arise due to outdated school policies, but the state through Elementary and Secondary Education Act has vowed to impose reforms on the school policies. Successful school-family partnerships call for allocating time and tapping external support fro various academic stakeholders. The partnership between the school, parents, families and the community is pivotal in providing students with the necessary academic resources and support they need to achieve academic excellence. The school-family partnership encompasses family members and all school stakeholders who have a shared goal of improving student performance and the overall school achievement. All these parties assume a collective responsibility to

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