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Scholarship Admission Student’s name Institution Since I was young I have always understood the value of education. Neither of my parents had grown in education enabling environment. As a result, they have always enlightened me on some of the struggles and challenges one encounter in professional and personal life without education. Due to their encouragement and motivation early in my life, I made a commitment to do anything within my capacity including seeking scholarships to advance my education. Because of their sacrifice and love, I have been able to devote my energy and time necessary to attain academic excellence. I am a 3.5 GPA student and in our generation, we are living in a swiftly changing world and therefore I feel it is my responsibility to become active in education to garner knowledge to change the world for a better. Getting this scholarship will significantly boost my self-confidence this because I will be certain that I will not only complete an important task in my bid to keep learning rather I will be a step closer to my career goal. I have and I can achieve results, for instance, I have organized, planned and led several charity projects and also participated in community-based voluntary activities such as cleaning and medical field. In regards to my leadership skills, I have organizational management skills and also I am an elected Vice-president of the Hold a Hand foundation. There are such leadership opportunities which have enabled me to meet different people. This is in line with my love to talk and meet new people. This has helped me significantly to improve my communication skills in both written and spoken context. And as a result,

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