Schizophrenia and Memory

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Schizophrenia and Memory Author’s name Institutional Affiliation Schizophrenia and Memory The empathic deficit has been associated with poor coordination in Schizophrenia. However, most evidence is mainly based on self-reported data. The examination of empathy based on performance measures provides an explanation for incremental variation in social competence and attainment both within and beyond empathy based on clinical symptoms, neurocognition, and empathy that provide personal accounts. Given the fundamental nature of functional memory in self-reported emotions and in the forecast of working in Schizophrenia, the article also presents research on whether empathy provides a link between functioning and working memory. The research examined three fundamental components response to empathy on both healthy controls and outpatients. The components examined include; emotional empathy, facial affect perception and cognitive empathy (emotional approach). The subjects also participated in self-reported empathy measures, clinical symptoms, social and attainment. Schizophrenia patients depicted distorted accuracy in all the three empathy tasks based on performance that was under examination. Even though distorted facial affect perception was anticipated based on literature review, there was little research on affective responsiveness and emotional approach. The patient’s distorted emotional approach was in line with previous research on cognitive empathy activities like making attributions on emotions of cartoon characters or deducing emotions from individuals interacting in static pictures (Smith et al., 2013). The distortion of the affective responsiveness

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