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Scavenger Hunt, BA 3129, Research Methods Name: University: Question 1 Recent business confidence index (BCI) and how the business is doing The above BCI is mostly used in enterprise assessment of different line of production stocks and orders. In the first quarter of 2009, the overall progress of domestic business appears to be unsteady, the sentiment is low (BSI is below 50). Between 2011 and 2017, there was gradual improvement, BSI reached above 100 signifying improved business performance. Question 2 Dewey Defeats Truman, 1948, what happened and how statistics sampling might have been involved Dewey Defeats Truman was one of the controversial banners in 1948, written on the front page of the Chicago Daily paper and it was incorrect according to experts. This banner was made after Harry S. Truman; the President of the USA won a victory which was regarded as the upset over the Republican challenger Thomas Dewey in the same year of 1948. The paper’s error made controversial debates among the members of the public where most of the people believed that the publishers had plundered against the newly elected president. The statistics sampling might have incorrectly arranged to lead to the error, therefore; this might lead to inaccurate information. Question 3 Whether or not to retain the present number of city-supported ice surfaces in Halifax To achieve 99% confidence level during the survey of retaining or not the people who supported surfaces in Halifax, there are critical steps that must be carried out. First, the public awareness campaign should be launched so that people are informed why the survey is important. Lastly, professional work of

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