Saudi Vision 2030: An approach towards Indigenous Defense Industry.

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SAUDI VISION 2030: AN APPROACH TOWARDS INDIGENOUS DEFENSE INDUSTRY Name Institution Course Tutor Date Saudi Vision 2030: An approach towards Indigenous Defense Industry Overview The military capability of any sovereign nation determines how well the country fairs on both economically and socio-politically. The ambition of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is manifested by its desire to localize its defense industry by 2030 strategically. KSA is the third biggest spender on defense. The current budget is $87.2 billion dollars (“Domestic arms Production”). It is approximately 30% of the entire budget. Only a negligible of these needs is made locally, and thus the department costs KSA heavily.("Military Analysis: Saudi Arabia's Armed Forces" 1) Localizing the defense industry has been known to be an efficient tool towards economic development. In the 1960’s, amidst a crisis, Korea’s administration decided to cut down heavily on consumer goods to increase military development ("How North Korea Developed Its Arms Industry" 1). The nation currently has a formidable military prowess and the economic growth has propelled the technological advances to turn it into a powerhouse. Likewise, Turkish mantra of “freedom and independence” has seen it emphasize on an almost complete reliance on indigenous defense mechanisms ("Turkey's Formidable Defense Industry – Rising Star or NATO’S Unruly Ally?" 1). The goal of achieving self-dependency in defense is, therefore, achievable in KSA and with potential for immeasurable benefits. Philosophical andMethodological Approaches Research philosophy is very significant in the understanding of the smooth transition from

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