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Dr. Sanadi is arguing in support of the adoption and implementation of telehealth practices and use of technology in general in our health systems. He enthusiastically does this and utilizes various strategies and styles to make the message resonate with more people. Among the strategies employed include word choice and appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos. The author starts the article with a careful word choice selection. He, for example, starts by saying that “healthcare is at a crossroads” (Sanadi, 2015). This helps in holding the reader’s attention to focus on what the problem might be. He then goes ahead to outline the situation that has led to the crisis by arguing that physicians like himself can’t tell whether to jump into the technology craze by adding more resources towards telehealth solutions in hospitals or to continue with their current, less effective methods. The author then seeks to give credence to the response he is about to give to the question by highlighting that appeals to ethos by emphasizing that he is a practitioner at Broward Health situated in Florida. The appeal to ethos here help to hold the readers’ attention as they assume that being a practitioner in a recognized institution, he would be quite knowledgeable about various treatment methods and their effectiveness. Having laid out his argument, the author then uses logos by showing how the popularity of telemedicine has grown in recent years to become such a vital tool. He argues that around five years ago, the concept of telemedicine was not understood well as it meant sitting in a doctor’s office while teleconferencing with another physician who was far away. Few were

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