SAR of Their Eyes Were Watching God

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SAR of Their Eyes Were Watching God. ​​​Their Eyes Were Watching God is a 1920 film that explores the life of Janie Crawford in her quest for happiness. She engages into several marriages and her small hometown, Eatonville, challenges the moral path of her life. The town people criticize her life and questions the validity of her numerous marriages. Janie hoped for a perfect marriage where they would live happily with her husband. However, this was not the case since most marriages lead to divorce. Her marriage life constitutes the major plot of the film. Her mother always hoped to marry her to a man who would promise to her needs where she emphasized on the security and a higher social class for her daughter. This was against Janie's idea, and this explains why Janie had several marriages before making her mind to live an independent and free life. Unfortunately, this relationship was no better, and Janie ends up killing her lover in self-defense. Her ill husband was convinced that Janie was cheating on him and therefore draws a pistol to kill her though Janie is quick to respond and save her life. Janie Crawford is the main character, and she had a friend, Phoebe Watson who was always her mate during hard moments in life. This is regardless of what the society has to say about Janie and her marriage life. Janie’s lovers are also a crucial character in the play based on their contribution in her life. They include Tea Cake whom Janie thought would help her realize her life goals and Jody Starks who is an influential and wealthy man in the town. Both characters are crucial in helping Jane achieve a sense of self-respect and explore her independence. She wanted a

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