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Name Instructor Course Date Sandel's the Moral Limits of Markets Sandel makes a distinction between the market economy and market society. The distinction aims at showing the difference between the two aspects. Whereas the element of a market economy is in itself a good and useful tool in the realization of productivity in the market, a market society is an aspect in which aspects of the market seep into everyday human activities. The meaning of the distinction is that a market economy is different from a market society in that the market society becomes a culture in human relations but the market economy is effective in ensuring productivity in the markets (Sandel 20). Sandel argues that markets, being made the consummate judge of societal values, have corrupted society’s capacity for an honest social attitude and decision making because markets tend to be corrosive regarding the attitudes the exchange of certain goods and services promotes. The lack of a proper and well-reasoned political debate on the aspects of life is the one that has corrupted the ability to make appropriate and honest political decisions. He explains that some goods should not be treated as sources of profits, as such use will damage the attitudes that such goods are associated with. One of the examples Sandel gives is that of paying children to read books. He argues that this action will change the attitude of these children towards learning from that of acquiring knowledge and intrinsic satisfaction to that of a chore. Another example is that of selling seats in the freshmen class to the lofty bidders in a college, which he argues that it will erode the integrity of the college and

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