Sampling and Survey Methods

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Sampling and Survey Methods Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Sampling and Survey Methods Part 1: Review Population A research population is usually a large group of people or items, which are the primary focus of systematic explorations. Researchers typically undertake studies for the benefit of the society. At times, research populations comprise of a distinct collection of items or objects characterized by familiar facets. For individuals or subjects to qualify as a research population, they must have shared or binding traits. Populations are usually of large sizes and researchers cannot examine every person as the process can be time-consuming and expensive. It is for this reason that they rely on sampling techniques to identify the most appropriate population. Random Assignment It is an experimental approach commonly applied in research psychology to study human behavior. Research psychologists rely on this technique to allocate subjects to different clusters in a test. Assigning participants randomly plays a critical role in the eradication of confounding variables that could cause a variation in the dependent variable. Simple Random Sampling The selection strategy that is at times denoted as random sampling forms part of the purest and most upfront probability sampling method. It is popularly applied in the selection of a sample within a specific population for an extensive variety of tenacities (Alvi, 2016). With this strategy, the likelihood of choice is quite high for each member of the population. The main advantages associated with this method is its capability to eliminate bias and result in representative samples. Cluster

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