Same Sex Couples

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Same Sex Couples It is evident that many individuals disapprove homosexual relationships. However, the same large number of people believe that every person, homosexual as well as heterosexual, deserves a basic level of civil rights protection. I believe that marriage is a civil right just as it is a religious rite. Therefore, the same-sex marriage ought to be accorded the same legal status that is available for heterosexual couples. This should not be influenced by one’s personal convictions, whether he or she is sterile, atheist or a religious person or childbearing. The society should seek to encourage homosexual couples the same way it often encourages the heterosexual couples. Firstly, the rights to same sex couples are contingent upon the legal interpretation of the rights of the individual as in the issue of sexual as well as marriage autonomy. Therefore it is important to note that the right to marry can be perceived as a liberty and it is shielded under equal protection clause as well as Fourteenth Amendment. Additionally, I believe that none of the opponents of same-sex marriage is affected by a union of two homosexual people. The marriage of two gay people does not in any way infringe on the rights of other people. Therefore, it is true that many people disapprove same-sex relationships, but at the same time, they contend that every individual should be treated with the dignity that he or she deserves. Ultimately, marriage as an institution in the society should be allowed to evolve. It is evident that interracial marriages were illegal in the United States. However, that has since changed. Therefore, society should seek to protect same-sex couples and adopt

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