Safety Management System

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Safety Management System Student’s Name Institution Date of Submission Abstract A Safety Design Review Process starts with a compliance evaluation followed by hazard assessment and risk assessments are done if needed. It is vital to evaluate a design against all applicable government regulations and industry standards during its design process. The evaluation may be simple and in compliance with the necessary regulations, construction can proceed. A safety management system is a designed procedure or process for conducting a particular activity or project in the workplace. The goal of a safety management system is to ensure that when a task is being conducted in the workplace, all precaution is taken to help in reducing the probability of having an incidence that could leave people hurt or worse. The Safety Design Review Process, Systems Safety, and Prevention by Design are concepts that interrelate with the safety management systems approach since they all seek to enhance workplace safety through proactive measures that limit risks and hazards. Key words: A Safety Design Review Process, A safety management system, Systems Safety, Prevention by Design, risks, hazards, injuries. Safety Management System Workplace safety is paramount as it ensures that employees, as well as other assets of the organization, are not damaged, injured or destroyed. The safety design review process ensures that organizations develop proper designs that manage risks on paper before implementing the project. An organization needs to implement a safety management system to help in curbing risks and hazards that could arise in an organization. This paper aims to describe the safety

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