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Name Professor Title Date The Sacred Texts Sacred texts establish a religion’s cornerstone, instilling spirituality, character, and law in its persons. Some are stories of historical individuals in the faith. A sacred text may be regarded as the unchangeable word of God. Other sacred texts are expanded and revised by future generations. Texts could be metaphorical, literal, or both. The sacred text is ceaseless in its importance and undiminishing in its appeal. Men’s books usually have their own day and eventually grow obsolete. However, the word of God is exactly like himself, “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” As time passes, the sacred texts never age. Its authority is always fresh. Therefore, ancient sacred texts are still relevant today. Almost every religious belief and thought has a central ancient sacred text that guides its followers. The sacred texts are important because they convey mystical truth, foster communal identity, establish a link with the divine, and offer the promotion of spiritual experiences and mystical practices. The monotheist traditions and practices of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam were born in the Middle East (McGrath n.p). The three religions are inextricably related to each other. Christianity originated from Jewish tradition while Islam established from both Judaism and Christianity. Abraham is regarded as the first Jew to make a covenant with Almighty God. Since Christianity, Judaism, and Islam recognize Abraham as the first prophet, they are known as Abrahamic religions. Thus, the three religions have various common traditions and beliefs. They all own up Abraham as the founding father. Jerusalem is a

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