Russia Will Be the Most Significant Threat to U.S. National Security in the Next Ten Years

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RUSSIA IS A THREAT TO THE US MILITARY NAME UNIT DATE INTRODUCTION The military of any nation is mandated with maintaining the security of the country. However, there are instances when the military faces threats from other nations or from within the nation. The United States has a military that is well equipped with the major responsibility of protecting its nationals. The US being a superpower happens to have limited countries that can pose a threat to their military since it is endowed with workforce and equipment. Countries with advanced military technology stand out as the greatest threats to the US Military. Russia is the primary threat to the US Military because its conduct is alarming when it comes to matters pertaining security. Russia has been behaving aggressively since 2008, thereby posing security concerns to nations. Russia represents a threat to the military of the United States for the next decade since it has a rich arsenal of weapons and has aggressive conduct. Numerous nations across the globe have nuclear capabilities, but the sole nation that could use their nuclear know-how to destroy American citizens together with the military is Russia.1 Over ninety percent of the nuclear artilleries in the world are under the control of Russia and the United States. The United States is not reliant on its nuclear weapons for war, but Moscow relies on its nuclear artilleries. Russia has been reliant on nuclear warfare since it has not been in a position to invest in new warfare technologies like the US. Unless Russia manages to invest in other forms of war innovations, it will rely on its nuclear arsenal to combat attacks originating from America.

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