Rue 21 location strategy

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Rue 21 Location Strategy Name Institution Affiliation Rue 21 Location Strategy Rue 21 is a popular fashion retailer that is mostly known for selling clothes that belong to both men and women (Rue 21, 2016). Evidently, Rue 21 has prices that attract their customers, and the prices are also well moderated in a way that their competitors cannot match them. Rue 21 has a superior fashion sense, a factor that enhances their brand loyalty. Their flexible real estate strategy and the sourcing model also enhance their competitive advantage. This paper discusses the Rue 21 location strategy and their prospects of expanding to the global markets. The Rue 21 target market is mostly comprised of girls aged between 11and 17 years. Despite the fact that most of these girls who are categorized between these ages are not in a position to drive, Rue 21 ensures that their locations are accessible even without a car. Good evidence is where most of the Rue 21 stores were located in strip centers. It is much easier for consumers to shop in strip malls without having to drive from one store to another or even walking long distances (Yang & Peter, 2006). Therefore, Rue 21 takes advantage of the traffic in these areas. The company understands that creating human traffic is not easy and is determined to take advantage of existing traffic. The company shares their location with major retailers such as Wal-Mart for the possibility of sharing the customer traffic as this will increase the volume of their sales. It is also clear that Rue 21 is found in rural locations, especially where there is minimal competition. They understand that there are increased sales in areas with less

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