Romanticism In Poem

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Romanticism in the poem is shown in three major ways including emotion over reason, sensory experience before intellect and the human personality. Firstly, Emotion over reasons is demonstrated through the overflow of the urge to sing among the different people mentioned in the poem. The lines of the poem show spontaneous singing of various people in their different workplaces as mentioned in most of the lines in the poem. For instance, the mechanic, the carpenter the boatman amongst other individuals are all singing. Romanticism dictates that the poem considers only the emotions involved other than try to resonate and find out why the spontaneity of all the singers has been experienced. Secondly, sensory experience comes before intellect in the poem. The sensory experience in the poem, in this case, is the joy that comes with the melodious song each of the characters mentioned in the poem is singing. The sensory experience discards the intellect that may enquire the subject or content of the songs. In fact, it shows that all the characters are singing, each a song that fits him or her. Nevertheless, the poem does not describe what sort of songs each of the mentioned persons is singing hence its romanticism. Finally, the people emphasizes the human personality and subsequently the mood. The poem in the last line states that all the people have opened their mouths to sing their melodious songs. Therefore, the mood demonstrated in the poem is joyous. It does not show any other thing other than human personality hence the romanticism. For instance, it does not specifically address the work that the characters do, the environments they work in or the weather which makes it a

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