Romantic Writers of the Amer. Renaissance

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Romantic Writers of the Amer Emerson and Whitman are among the romantic writers of the Amer. In their writings, there was engagement in the portrayal of many issues touching on the society such as cultural independence and respect for nature. Among the issues that they were raising, there was particular emphasis on the aspect of democracy. There is a linkage of their engagement in the writings touching on freedom from the realizations that; at their time, there was much struggle towards the achievement of democracy, unlike now when there have been great milestones achieved in this social aspect. In their efforts of reflecting democracy, Emerson and Whitman used various devices. There is the usage of metaphors in writing in a bid to pass the point across. For example, Emerson uses the metaphor of a star in his poem, “self-reliance.” In one of his poems, he says that man, referring to human beings, is a star, his own star. Thus, man is capable of shining for himself meaning that; man is capable of achieving democracy and that he is self-reliant when it comes to making choices for making the world a viable place for living. There is also a reflection of democracy through association of the democratic people with greatness. Whitman, in his poem of ‘song of myself” encourages people to be self-reliant. There is the encouragement of everyone to know what they like as long as is good and then put every effort to go after it. For example, Whitman says that he likes good perfumes; he will smell the fragrance even if they threaten to be overwhelming. He likes to go out and meet the sun, which symbolizes the good things in the

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