Romance and Its Discontents

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course details Date Romance and Its Discontents There is no love story that does not have its downsides. Staying in love, demands a lot of commitment from the partners. Distractions are always prevalent in a healthy love relationship. Previous partners and dissatisfaction in a relationship have been used to disrupt many relationships. Kate Chopin shows how a former partner can spoil a relationship while Elizabeth Tallent shows how dissatisfaction in a relationship can lead to extramarital affairs. Calxita and Jack are entangled in what love offers in the two stories below. The Storm by Kate Chopin The family of Bobint is deep in love as can be deciphered from the questions Bibi asks when he is made aware of the imminent storm (Chopin pg. 1). Chopin uses the third person narration to write the story of Bobint, Bibi, Calixta, and Alce Laballire. Calixta is at the center of all the love that flows in Chopin’s narration. Calixta may at one time been in love with Alce. Alce is a minor character in the love story of Calixta while Bobint is a major character. Bobint is probably the major character of the story because he is the father of Bibi and husband of Calixta. Alce was last in the life of Calixta five years ago before the day of the storm (Chopin pg. 8). It is at the end of the story that the reader learns that Alce may be living in the neighborhood when the laughing made by Calixta and Bobint is said to be heard from Acle’s house. Calixta and Alce shared a moment that reminds them of their past at Assumption. Calixta may have been young at the time that it was not appropriate to engage with her at the time. Alce had to make a

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