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roman numerals and indention. All in all, the processes were quite similar to the nearly all the learners starting with brainstorming prior to listing down the ideas they had in mind. References VanderMey .R, Meyer .V, Rys .J and Sebranek .P (2014). The College Writer: A Guide to Thinking, Writing, and Researching. New York, Cengage Learning. Winner, W.E (2013). A Handbook for Analytical Writing: Keys to Strategic Thinking. New York, Morgan & Claypool...

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Roman or Arabic, but each has a specific meaning. At the same time, certain combinations represent different meanings as well. Getting to understand the logic behind the formula derivation, proper use and how certain calculations came to require concentration and deeper understanding of the text. It takes me more than three rounds of reading the text for me to intuit and understand it fully. However, I have to make close references now and then until I am well conversant with its use. Question 1 The chain rule is used for differentiating compositions of functions. This happens when the function contains layers. The chain rule guides that we start with the outer layers leaving the inner layer...