roles of the Department for Education in the England and describe the role of the local Lewisham Education Department and how it influences school policies and practices

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Education The primary role of the Department for Education in England is to cater for children’s needs in education that include higher and further education, acquisition of broader skills and apprenticeships. This department ensures that children acquire these services which guarantee equality regardless of the family backgrounds. The main responsibilities of the department include teaching children in their early years by offering the primary school education. It also has the secondary school program and further education curriculum that enhances teaching and learning of young individuals. The department of education also focuses on helping the disadvantaged children and young adults in the society to achieve their dreams. Finally, the department ensures that the local services support and protect children by fighting for their rights. The department prioritizes on enhancing the well-being and safety of children and young people, improving the education standards and ensuring its excellence ("About Us - Department For Education - GOV.UK"). The current Education Minister is Damian Hinds who attended a grammar school in Chesire, which also happened to be a Catholic-based school. The central aim of the minister is to improve the education system to match with those of others in the high-performing countries for the welfare of the economic status and to equip the students properly. Damian will work with the government to enhance the conversion of top performing schools to academy status which will aid in raising the standards of education in England. Given his background, Damian will also work with Theresa May to bring a rise of the

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