roles of other organisations working with children and young people and how these may impact on the work of schools

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Children’s Organizations Introduction Children and young people are the most important group who requires special care. This group is vulnerable to abuse by institutions, individuals and even people who are entrusted to protect them. This requires a collective effort by some institutions which will provide checks and balance to each other. The following six institutions all work hand in hand to promote the interests of young children and adults whether vulnerable or not. 1. Social Services Social services are critical in promoting the welfare of children. The professionals working in social services understand the psychology of children and young people. These professionals have had experience with children and young people who are victims of neglection, abuse and all sorts of ills meted out to children and young people. Social services protect children from harm and offer guidance on ways of staying and feeling safe. They also help children know the right people or organizations to report any case of violation of their rights (Harris, John, and Vicky White, 17). The work of social services supplements that of schools since they both have adequate capacity to offer protection. Schools sometimes are the source of abuse of children, and this is where both institutions clash as they try to exert authority over each other. 2. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) The organization works with families and affected children in all UK service centers. The organizations trust that it cannot be effective alone, hence it collaborates with the relevant professionals to protect children.

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