Role To Play To Enhance Citizenship And Citizen Leaders To My Classmates

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The core role of a university is to educate the students to be citizens and citizen leaders for the society. I can enhance this to my classmates through the following activities The primary aim for universities is the contribution of significant development and sustainastence of free schools and societies and also communities. By working in the realization of that purpose, I should steer the university and lecturers to teach democratically minded academics that can powerfully help my classmates to the core mission of being citizens and citizen leaders. This can be effective by educating them to be democratically and to be creative and also caring and being productive citizens of a society which is very democratic. To achieve this mission I can lead in the development of university – community partnerships, they help to solve problems which are universal for instance poverty, substantial health care and also insufficient schooling which is manifested in the society. The university has the civic responsibility of teaching democratically minded academics since they help in creation and development of free citizens and citizen leaders in the community. I should also lead my classmates as student leaders in the initiation of the dialogue procedure in the society since they act as a pathway to democratic citizenship building in the country. I should also lead the classmates into in-depth investigations into best democratic practices regarding student development, these acts as part of student leadership development. Also, I should point to the study the role of youths specifically as students and also as members of the university in the current political transitions which

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