Role of Advance Practice Providers in Team Based Medicine

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Professional Ethics Name Institutional affiliation Date Introduction Ethics in medicine are guidelines of the professions that are written or oral and are used to maintain integrity and competence of the nurses and physicians. It provides protection, optimization and promotion of health. It involves autonomy, veracity and fidelity of the medical practitioners. Among the various ethical issues include the following; Advanced care planning The main aim of advanced planning is to provide support to the patients. It is a way of providing patients with self-determination and foster decision-making that enhances a soothing care at the end of one's life. It is the help determine the best way of encouraging terminally ill patients as well as those with chronic diseases. The advanced care planning is essential to all people regardless of age, sex or current health status. The planning helps patients to make an informed decision on factors that foster their health situation and assist individuals in choosing values that will govern their care. It also helps patients to acknowledge on the significances of quality life. In so doing, the patients will feel the need to reflect on their lifestyle and eventually make sound preferences. The interventions provided by the physicians and nurses seek to give patients an opportunity to identify specific people to express their feelings and help them in making decision when they are not able to stand for themselves. In such a case, the physicians are therefore required to acknowledge that families and patients approach in decision making regarding their culture, life experience and faith governing their tradition’s faith. It is

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