Risk Factors

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Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date The universe is characterized by different individuals that have different mentality hence explaining the various factors that are likely to influence the joining of gangs. People are liable to join gangs at the various stages of development depending on the influencing forces surrounding them. My discussion will mainly focus on the factors that can influence a person to join a gang at the school entry and later childhood phases. Numerous factors affect each stage of gang involvement, but each will depend on the psychological being of an individual (Howells & Griffiths, 2015). Disruptive traits and aggression are the factors that define the school entry phase whereas delinquency, academic performance or peer delinquency define the later childhood stage. Each stage of gang involvement has a strategic program so as to help reduce gang involvement. The programs have been developed by whether gang involvement has been influenced by the environmental or personal factors; therefore each program is customized to address the risk factor (Esbensen, Peterson, Taylor & Freng, 2009). A combination of risk factors increases the chances of joining a gang hence the need to understand the underlying causes when selecting a delinquency program. Family background can determine whether a person joins a gang or not in any of the two stages mentioned therefore one program that is used is protection. Abusive parents or guardians that are substance abuse addicts can influence children to join gangs, therefore, the need to protect children from such environments. Children from such backgrounds need to be taken into foster homes where they

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