Riordan Virtual Organization and Environmental Scan Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing Environmental Scan Riordan Manufacturing Environmental Scan According to the data provided, Riordan Manufacturing has sustained a solid sales figure over a considerable period. This means the company has numerous external and internal factors that are working in their industry. However, a stable value without rising can also indicate a cause for concern. This means that the company is not penetrating effectively into new markets and therefore its competitive advantage against other manufacturers is weak. Riordan has to focus on its internal environment that will influence its performance because these factors are easily manageable within the firm. These factors are therefore essential for success because of its ease of manipulation. ("Strategic Planning: What are the basics of environmental scanning?", 2012) Some of the competitive advantages that Riordan shares with the apparel manufacturers discussed last week include dominance. When established in 1991, the company enhances its differentiation and positioning strategies by producing a different type of quality than what was regularly provided. As a result, the company established loyalty within a particular market segment that requires a certain quality of the product. Historical data shows that Riordan has 15 to 10 regular customers that contribute significantly to the company’s revenue. These clients include government agencies, hospitals, and big industries. This segment is a target to contribute to 60 % of the company’s growth. Establishing a market cap is an area where long-term loyalty is expected is a bug advantage for a company. The popularity of the brand means that the brand

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