Right To Confidentiality for Suicidal Clients

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Societies have well-stipulated codes of conduct that every member of the community has to adhere to, failure to what is termed as the breaching of the codes of ethics. Confidentiality is one of the codes of ethics where individuals to some extent have a right to privacy. A person’s information has to remain undisclosed to the illegal people; at the same time, they should never undergo manipulation to change their ideologies. Particularly, the psychiatrists, who serve as counselors, have a restricted functionality when it comes to dealing with their clients. As a way of upholding confidentiality as a code of ethics, they have to do no harm to their client which could be either removing of the present harm or preventing the future damage. Therefore, this raises a dilemmatic situation about right to confidentiality for suicidal clients; however, it improves my value for life over ethical conducts rights as I resolve to inform the family concerned and the authorities about the possible danger to the client. Despite there being a right to confidentiality, there is a concern for confidentiality when it comes to suicidal clients. As individuals seek guidance from psychiatrists, it means that they are likely facing a trouble that if not resolved could land their lives in danger. It is even worrying when the client thinks of committing suicide, but the counselor is limited not to alter their desire as a matter of sustaining confidentiality. In the end, the client’s privacy is sustained, but their life risk is left unresolved. Consequently, I find my value for life over ethical conduct improved once a resolution is developed for this dilemma. Life has its significant value for

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