Rice’s Academic Life and The Residential College System

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I hope to have a significant influence on the quality of Rice’s academic life and the Residential College System. I am an international scholar from Shenzhen, China and have studied in the United States (U.S.) for four years. I have participated in a variety of competitions and roles where I have acquired cultural competence, leadership skills, and spirit of inquiry that will be of positive influence to other students and the entire educational system. From a personal perspective, learning institutions play a vital role in familiarizing students with global issues. It is my belief that students should acquire knowledge in a range of aspects irrespective of their career choice. Cultural awareness is one of the essential elements students should gain in learning institutions. At a personal level, I appreciate the significant differences ranging from customs, values, practices, and languages that different people possess. It is a skill I have acquired from my American host family who are exceptionally friendly to me. I seek to motivate others towards acknowledging individual differences to prevent presumptions and stereotypes that are mainly linked to cultural backgrounds. I believe that practicing cultural awareness is critical in the current learning environments that comprise a significant proportion of international students. It works to prevent disagreements between students and makes the institution well adapted to accommodating students and employees of diverse culture. My spirit of inquiry has been demonstrated in numerous ways. At school, I am the valedictorian of the class, and I dwell on the belief that curiosity makes learning more productive and enjoyable. I

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