(Rhetorical essay) Trumps wall is a waste of time and money

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Trump’s Wall is a Waste of Time and Money Introduction The article analyzed in this essay is entitled “Trump's wall is a waste of time and money” written by Saddiki. The essay criticizes the Trump’s step to construct a wall on the US-Mexican border to curb the immigration problem. The author seems to be opposing the Trump’s project to build the wall. For instance, the author says “Why Trump make Mexico pay for it?” (Saddiki 2017). This tries to show that Trump himself is not prepared to cater for the bills but involve Mexico in the project which is not there’s. The article was also printed in the New York Times. The article was produced when the Trump’s campaigns were vibrant. The intended audience for the article was the US citizens and the Congress to make the decision when the matter was to be tabled for the implementation by the Trump’s administration. The article explains the reasons for the building of the wall and why the project. The author argues that the wall is set to end the illegal immigration across the border. Thesis The article “Trump's wall is a waste of time and money” uses the criticism to show that the Trump’s project to build the US-Mexican wall was mere wastage of time and money. The author provides solid reasons why the project is a nightmare. Tools The article uses comparison, imagery, and criticism as the tools. The comparison or the contrast is used when the author compares the Bush’s project of building the double layer wall and the Trumps high technology wall. The author says “Trump should know that Bush tried to build double layer

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