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Name Instructor: Course: Date:   “Don’t Dismiss the Humanities” by Nicholas Kristof  The author Nicholas Kristof of the article "Don't Dismiss the Humanities" tries to sensitize the young generation especially those who are studying humanities that still it has space in this digital era. The author in his analysis focuses more on how humanities as a discipline play a big role in shaping the community even today and that it is as important as other science or technology based subjects in the modern world. In fact, the author uses the words "more important" to try to give emphasize on his ideas. He further explains that humanities is not only important and significant in his life but also acts as a toolbox that facilitates him to think more of himself, others and the surrounding world. It is like in his analysis he tried to mean that with no space for Humanities, then the world could be more desperate, taking it in a figurative way. Clinging on his original idea, Kristof, gives an example on various ways on how different people within the societies that we live use their ‘Humanities’ to make things interesting and beautiful. A good example he uses is that of musicians whom he says that they play a big role in awakening our souls. Looking the world of music today and buying the idea of the importance of Humanities in the view of Kristof, we can argue that music is the ‘panacea of our souls' as our disturbing souls needs it than in any other time before (Kristof, Nicholas, opinion page, New York times). The ideas Kristof tried to create was that music in our times is curing many disturbances that human beings pass in their daily activities.

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