Rhetorical analysis of poem

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Name Professor Course Date Defining Life without Fear The reality of death is a tough and emotional concept to grasp for any human being. Humans from as far as the records show were fascinated with life and death. People wonder about the meaning of life and how to properly exist on earth without worries. William Wordsworth in his poem Ode: Intimations of Immortality attempts to understand mortality through the natural geography of his homeland, England. He reminisces on death through a stream of consciousness where he is at some instance happy and at times, sad. He enjoys the sun, the landscape, and the animals but finds himself thinking that there is no glory on earth (18); he believes that life has no meaning. He goes back and forth contemplating on mortality until he concludes that life is precious. The poem uses three distinctive rhetoric elements namely patterns of development, diction, and figurative language to explore the instances of uncertainty for the author. Wordsworth explores the various instances of doubt through an elaborate pattern of development. He uses a comparison and contrast mode in which he shows support for a happy existence before he starts to describe the vanity of everything on earth. The first and second stanza describe a person who sees beautiful and amazing things around but shows signs of depression. For example, he feels sad because the glory has passed away from the earth" (18). Strangely enough, the third and fourth stanza suggests that the gushing winds and mountain landscape gives him strength. He goes further to imply that depression will not cloud his judgement. Stanza four reaffirms that the persona wishes to enjoy the joy of

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