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Name Instructor Course Date Maintenance Planning Abstract Maintenance planning involves several levels. The collected data shows model assorts and measurement of parameters to be the only ways of creating the different tools of risk analysis. The maintenance system, therefore, encompasses the use of proper data and strategies to determine and prolong the lifetime of the equipment. In addition to this, the adoption of maintenance planning comes with many benefits such as proper maintenance of the organization and the enhancement of the company relationship. Maintenance planning ensures the organizational decision of deciding in advance the kind of maintenance to be used in the various organizational operating risk. This paper, therefore, sorts to illustrate the two different levels of maintenance planning, namely the model and the parameter. 1. INTRODUCTION There are some maintenance planning and elements that are being used to date in the industrial environment. Some of these components include the creation of modeling, classified inspection, performance maintenance, and reliability on engineering. Moreover, the others include the model downtime resulting from breakdown repair, the rate of failure, arrival defection, inspection schedule and the inspection. The paper, therefore, seeks to illustrate the use of modeling as a form of maintenance planning. In particular, this paper is a case study of a factory in the United Kingdom that produces carbon black. There are several methods indeed mentioned and explained in detail that are impelling and more or less contribute to the reliability of the equipment. Examples of these methods include the use of renewal companies

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