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Name Professor Course Date Brief Case of Grokster Ltd and Stream cast Network Infringement Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. v Grokster, Ltd. 545 U.S 913 (2005) Facts Grokster Ltd, and Stream cast network, Inc. have promoted free sharing of software products through peer to peer network. The peer to peer network does not require a central computer server thereby solving the issue of high bandwidth capacity server storage space. The transfer of documents, pictures are easily accessible and in a fast manner. Grokster and Stream users have the programs network to share copyrighted documents illegally. The copyright holders sued the networks because of the user’s copyright infringement through the provision of their services. The services enhance the duplication and circulation of copyrighted work that violates copyrighting Acts. According to a study conducted by a MGM’s commissioned statistician, it showed that about 90% of the files that are readily accessible for download were copyrighted. However, Grokster and Stream cast networks defend themselves by disputing this figure and argue that they have no knowledge as to when the files are copied. They also argue that free copying and the copyrighted works could have been authorized by the holders of the work. Moreover, they argue that most of the musical performers have obtained streams of new fanatics through the distribution of their copyrighted works for free through peer to peer networks. Stream cast had to give away a software program known as Open Nap designed to be compatible with Napster programmer. Open Nap was meant to provide to more than 50 million users. It was later launched as a system

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