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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Parental Expectations Inarguably, parents will sacrifice all they can to ensure their children lead a hopeful life. They will assess the situation of their children and make the necessary changes in their lives to ensure a brighter future. However, sometimes they come up with opinions and views which collide with that of their children. It is notable that this does not indicate that they do not support them. The short stories “Only Daughters” authored by Sandra Cisneros and “Mother Tongue” authored by Amy Tan justify the theme of “Parental Expectations.” According to these two literary works, it is evident that their current writing careers are not shaped by the active contribution of their parents to their upbringing (Chen and William 324). The stories indicate that their parents had different expectations in their children and they wanted them to take a different lane in life from what they took. For instance, while Amy’s mother wanted her daughter to premed, Sandra’s father wanted her to find a husband after enrolling in a college. Apparently, the two parents had different expectations for their children from the time they were young. According to the two stories, it is evident that parent’s expectations will not always become a reality. This can be seen by the fact that Sandra's father perceived college to be a good place for her daughter to engage in a mature relationship which will enable her to get married. Conversely, Sandra finds passion in English, and she even majors in the subject. She writes interesting poems and finds herself gradually securing a career in writing. On the same note,

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