Review the article by Tilcsik, Anteby and Knight

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In this essay, the writer shall review the article by Tilcsik, Anteby and Knight in which they conduct research on the concealable stigma as well as work segregation faced by the homosexuals. Was this an experimental or non experimental research? From the authors’ research report, they conducted a non-experimental study. In the non-experimental study design, the study is being carried out within the normal surroundings, and it does not entail any form of manipulation of data or study subjects, occurrence, conditions or individuals in the study. Through this research non-experimental design, the researchers were able to create a correlation, but they could not establish causation. For a study to determine causation, the investigators ought to be capable of declaring that the findings are the product of their experimental variable but not anything else, this is only possible with the experimental study design. The investigators did not use a control group which is used in the experimental design. Their design approach is very flexible. However, because of the lack of the control group the investigators cannot guarantee that the ultimate outcomes are the direct impact of the variable which they have studied. The advantage of this design to these authors is that non-experimental study design examines phenomena, individuals or circumstances in their ordinary surroundings minus manipulation; thus, their research findings may be used by a broad audience; that is, the findings can be generalized to a wider populace. Was the research topic clearly stated in the first paragraph? The researchers’ topic of study is to offer a very wide-ranging explanation for homosexual

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