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REVIEW OF THE ROUGH RIDER AND THE CRUCIBLE OF EMPIRE Summary and Thesis The author of the book entitled the Rough Rider talks about how the fighting squadron called Rough Rider came into existence following the preparations that were put in place for the war. The process involved several activities done in order for the Rough Rider Crew to come into existence. A lot of new recruitments was done to get personnel's who were ready to fight with the spirit of winning the battle. In the book, we have a vivid description of the events that took place and how the recruitment of the Rough Riders Crew was done. The book also states that this war was between Americans fighting against the Spain. There is a clear outline on how the war was conducted in the battle field with the help of terrain and the zeal the troops showed in order for the Americans to outdo the Spain. All types of weapons were used, and there was smoke in the air on the battle field and also gun powder was everywhere. The author also narrates how the different Lieutenants made and discussed outsides their tents. The story highlights about Colonel Roosevelt who had special experience in war since he had been a sheriff for good period. His squadron had members who were willing to fight and win they had the zeal. The author also tells us that there war comes to an end and the US hoists its flag in Cuba which shows that the US wins the war and the Squadron of Colonel Roosevelt returns to America. The thesis of this book is mainly based on the organization, the zeal, dedication and humility that is needed by soldiers to win a battle. The book portrays Colonel Roosevelt as a dedicated man including the other

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