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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: One The best group member who I have ever encountered was called John. He could make sure that whenever there is a discussion every member of the group understood what is being discussed. John did this by frequently asking questions with a lot of concern to anybody who might require some clarifications. He also insisted that everybody to note down some important information since we couldn’t master everything in the discussion. John keeps on reminding the group members of the time when we should be meeting for the discussion. And also he could often make follow-ups if we are putting the things that we have discussed into practice. Just like it in chapter ten, John practiced all the requirements of being a good team leader by evaluating the ideas from the member and confirming whether we were on the same page among other requirements (Beebe, Beebe and Ivy 3). Two One of the brainstorming sessions, where I was the group leader, was when the group had a situation where a shop had been losing the customers in the past one month, and the group members were to brainstorming on how the shop could get more customers. The factors that led to the success of the problem at hand was the participation of the members in the identification of the source of the problem and clarifying how it could be solved through the analyses (Beebe, Beebe and Ivy 10). Each member had the opportunity to give an idea of how the customers could be got. The group members had the opportunity to do silent brainstorming before the group meets and then later appropriate solution was made by the members during the discussion. The success of the session

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