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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Review questions 4. What do you think are the most important characteristics of effective leaders, and why? Foresight- This virtue enables a good leader to understand the past lessons, present realities, and likely future consequences. Persuasive – A good leader should be able to build consensus instead of coercing people because it cultivates trust and allows bilateral decision-making. A good listener – Good listening, in addition to ample periods of reflection, enables a good leader to understand and weigh issues properly. Delegates roles – This virtue that involves assigning tasks is important as it cultivates attributes of trust, loyalty, and commitment to junior workers. Persistent – Good leaders should always remain committed to their course in order to realize success. Giving up is for weaklings. 6. What is the purpose of forecasting? Forecasting is regarded as the foundation of any rational decision-making venture. It is important in studying the past failures of the organization and present dynamics with the aim of predicting the organization’s future micro- and macro-business dynamics. 8. Briefly describe the steps in the conflict management process. Identification of the source of the conflict – The adequate information you gain from the problem source the better chances of resolving it. Looking beyond the incident – In many cases, one particular situation does not end up causing the problem, but another aspect of the problem. Request solution – It is important to get the disputants to stop fighting and come to the table. This involves moving the discussion devoid of unnecessary finger

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