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Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date REU The world today is faced with many emerging issues from technology changes to new disease manifestations. It is from this that I chose to be part of the solvers of what people are going through. Specifically, I decided to major in engineering, biomedical engineering so that I can help many sick patients. My specific concern has been cancer diseases and the various terminal illnesses affecting many especially in the third world countries who have the poor equipment to help such patients. I have decided to focus more on the mechanical part of the biomedical engineering. It is this passion and ambition towards the near future that I am enrolling in the REU projects. Being part of these projects at the sites will be very instrumental in trying to look at the immediate and the long-term solution to the medical types of equipment needed to help the terminally ill patients and also the normal cases of diseases. Specifically, I am more interested in the project designed by Prof. George Lykotrafitis called ‘How Dynamic Adhesion of Erythrocytes Contributes to Vaso-Occlusive Episodes in Sickle Cell Disease Patients' (UCONN Np). So many patients in the world have been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia that has brought them to their sudden demise. The unfortunate RBCs kill children at a very alarming rate and most of them who live above 12 years end up dying at 17 or a few years later. The REU project will help look at the activities and the working of the RBC adhesion and also the blood Vasco-occlusion on patients with the disease and effectively have a comparison with people who are healthy. The projects will aid in

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