Restoration Period and The Enlightenment period

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Introduction The two choices for this essay are the Restoration Period featuring Nicholas Rowe with Jane Shore a Tragedy, and The Enlightenment period with Anne Finch and A Nocturnal Reverie. The biggest difference between these two authors is that they are the opposite sex, and as such, they have very difference outlooks on the world because of this. Though each penned poetry, their lifestyles are quite different, and each wrote in overlapping periods their prose focused on situations each had a personal view of history. Rowe wrote about intrigue and violence. Finch wrote about the serenity and beauty of nature. They have quite the opposite themes. In the case of Rowe, who wrote about life in the English Court of Edward IV and his relative, Richard of Gloucester, the struggle for power after the historical War of the Roses ended in 1485. Court intrigue is that Richard plots to turn Edward against the Duke of Clarence (Rowe, 114). Edward locks the Duke in the Tower of London for treason against the crown. Richard's subterfuge set himself up to marry Lady Anne, widow of Henry VI. He then convinces Buckingham and Hastings that the queen is to blame for the Duke's imprisonment. Richard then hires someone to take out the Duke. Richard's plan comes to fruition when Edward learns that the duke has been murdered. Then Edward summons his sons, but Richard intervenes, captures, and executes Lords Grey, Rivers, and Sir Vaughn. Rowe writes about subterfuge and treachery that works well for the restoration period the world of literature. Jane Shore was the misunderstood mistress and passed around the court members during this period of true unrest in England that spawned executions

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