Restaurant diet

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Name Professor Course Date Restaurant Diet In the current worlds’ buzz of activities, convenience and efficiency are imperative facets of life; hence, individuals turn to eating out because they can access ready to eat food and save time spent in preparing and cooking food. The case is not any different from my daily routine because I indulge in eating out on a daily basis. This paper is a demonstration of my eating habit and what I think about it in relation to a healthy diet. I will admit that my eating habits are not good enough given my sweet tooth. I love eating French fries, bhajias, burgers, burritos, and meat (both red and meat). I usually start my day with a fruit or some natural juice. Two hours later, I usually take tea, four slices of bread and beef samosa/an egg/sausage. I usually alternate the tea with cereals and milk alongside the beef samosa/egg/sausage. Mid-morning, I take a glass of juice and some biscuits/ a piece of cake. My lunch mainly consists of meat with fries/bhajias. In the mid-afternoon, I take a burger/burritos, and at night I purchase a fruit or vegetable salad depending on my preference at the time. Twice a week, I alternate the fries/bhajias with rice/pasta with fish stew. During such times, in addition to the salad at dinner time, I take away a packet of fries. As is evident, my meals are mainly dry; hence, I ensure to consume at least 2 liters of water. However, depending on the schedule, I might skip one or two meals, especially lunch and afternoon snack. A review of my diet indicates that my diet is not good. Firstly, my diet is a high-calorie diet because of the French fries, burritos, and samosas, which are usually

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