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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Discussion Response 1Observing the tabulation of data in the graph helps understand the sensitivity and specificity of the treat the dog receives. In my review, the graph lacked accuracy in tabulating the result, and this affected the presentation of data resulting in slightly abnormal curves. It would be appropriate to apply a standard system of measurement of weight rather than the length as currently used in the graph. The standard deviation used in the graph to determine the length and number of treats are small and this affect the general presentation of the graph, which shows a narrow and tall curve. In my observation, the data was not well tabulated due to accuracy and the standard material used causing an imperfect curve. To improve the curve data must be concentrated at the center and avoid extreme values that would affect the shape of the curve. Discussion Response 2 The data presentation conducted on the grades is less making it easy to tabulate in a graph. Considering the fewer data involved the standard deviation, in this case, will be small, and this explains the wave type of curve obtained from the graph. Additionally, from the curve obtained the mean is not concentrated in the middle, therefore, obtaining a bell curve is impossible. Reading the graph a lot of conclusion or observation can be obtained based on the performance of the student in various subject and his overall class performance. It is justified the claim irregular pattern in grades achieved by the students and different potential and weakness in certain subjects. I observed the student’s close patterns of grade achieved to

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