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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Response to The video The Falling Man Authenticity of information was a special consideration in the selection of the individuals that feature in “The Falling Man” documentary. They are representative of the victims and events of the twin attack on World Trade Centre (WTC).The building’s tenants, hoteliers, bereaved families, and the journalists offer a good representation of the 9/11 attacks as they tell the story from a primary source perspective. This provides credibility to the messages that are being relayed about the horrors of the terrorist attacks. The images in the documentary capture the live events of the attacks. These images are critical in lives and history of Americans as they help citizens to honor those who died in the tragedy. Also, it can help the citizens to understand the complexity of the attacks and, thus, assist the security p and other interested persons in the fight against terrorism. The solidarity that is expressed outside the burning buildings demonstrates a nation united against a common enemy. Such images were important in fostering unity among the diverse American society during such trying times. The image of the falling man is an epitome of the desperation of the people trapped in the building. It represents suffering and helplessness of those who died. On the other hand, it represents an act of heroism that one can decide to jump out a skyscraper even when they are sure they would die. These images will remain edged in memories of current and future generations about the heroic American acts in front of the enemy. However, the resolve by some journalists to identify the identity

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