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Response to Hanna Your ideas would flow well from the first to the last paragraph. It would be great if you maintain the same structure you have given to each one of the stated paragraphs. Remember to have one summative paragraph that would rope in all the ideas from the other paragraphs into your thesis statement. Also, some topics that you deem to be to contain a lot of information would be best split into the subcases. Be careful when splitting the information so as to avoid duplication of stated information. Finally, your work would look authentic and great if it was populated with factual evidence. If you could add some data researched about your topics, you would be doing great in convincing your readers into taking the information you provide with the seriousness it deserves. Response to Terry First of all, let us ask if there is a thesis on the work done. The thesis should be appointed of discussion that is clearly stated and can easily have debatable positions. When posted as a question, it can have a simple “Yes” or “No” answer. Normally, it is placed at the end of the first paragraph, or at the beginning of it. In stating the thesis statements, it should not be biased to either side. Looking at the last senates in the first paragraph, one that we could consider for thesis sentence, it hardly meets the requirements of one. On the contrary, most of the places in the write-up are clear, and the paragraphs communicate a slot of information. It became very easy for one to follow the topic you are illustrating with much ease. However, avoid contradictions on your work. For instance, you indicated that the incumbents find it harder to be re-elected, but in

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