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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Gun Control Is there any need for gun control? A few may understand the impact that such an initiative can have to the societies that are allowed to possess guns. Can control is one way of government control in the affairs of its citizens. Legalization of guns has left many people vulnerable to the increased criminal activities. Besides, mass killings are mostly done with the use of the legal guns, the same way accidental shooting takes place. The paper shall point out some of the main reason as to why gun control is necessary. The guns have led to an increased rate of criminal activities. The recent criminal activities experienced in the US have been reported to have involved the use of guns. For instance, the recent school shootings in the US left many students injured with some losing their lives (Board, par. 2). Politicians and the government have the power to impose strict measures through amending laws to curb such criminal activities in the society. Besides, the mass shootings in most countries are done using the legal weapons such as guns. In fact, guns and firearms leads in the number of death caused when compared to dangerous diseases such as heart attack, liver diseases among many other infections. Similarly, there are cases of accidental shootings domestically as well as in the public places. Restricting the use of guns in public places can be a good approach to reducing such accidents that lead to the loss of lives of innocent people. Studies indicate that most of the nations that have legalized the use of guns have experienced the highest accidental gun death. Children can shoot at each other by

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